With an understanding that we are what we eat, “The Watershed” visualises both our underlying beauty as well as fragility as humans barring technological advancement and individual or regional wealth

Here food is used as pictorial metaphors for introspection into individual and societal vulnerabilities whilst meditating on Economic inadequacies exacerbated by the global Covid 19 pandemic and lockdown.

Having contacted the virus myself and with the awareness that this was not the first time the world is bewildered by a pandemic and may also not be the last, it afforded me an opportunity for introspection on my mental consciousness since the outbreak which also revealed heightened societal and economic irregularities particularly in the global health sector.

Food, one of the most common elements in every culture worldwide, regardless of language or socio-economic bracket is also a topic of conversations that goes largely without controversy hence it’s choice as context in “The watershed” series is a calculated continuation of my romance with the subject matter.

Photographing in macro is something I have rarely done. In my practice, though I am mostly in close proximity to individuals i photograph, sometimes being right in their face, its not as close as I am now while photographing these foods as afforded by the macro study.

Mindfulness is not about fixing anything but about changing ones relationship with a circumstance. So, my hope is that this body of work with its vibrant imagery, will inspire viewers to focus less on potent economic irregularities in our world today, but rather to continue to seek out and appreciate the beauties around them, as well as cherish our relationship with the foods that continue to sustain us.