“Shrinking Shores” is a visual testament to the profound impact of climate change, illustrating the delicate equilibrium between ecology and economics, as well as its reverberations on human existence and culture. This poignant visual journey bears witness to the yielding hold that endangered communities maintain over their environment, territories, and sustenance.

Relentless sea level rise, urban inundation, and coastal erosion paint a vivid portrait of the shifting landscapes that define West African communities. Despite contributing only 3.9% of global carbon emissions, Africa finds itself on the frontline of climate change’s unforgiving embrace. Hence, this body of work unravels the complex interplay of political and social dynamics as communities grapple with the evolving coastline.

“Shrinking Shores” is a visual testament to this cruel irony, portraying the continent as a receiver of a disproportionate share of the earth’s climatic upheaval.