Rugball is the first body of work I developed as a young photographer prior to receiving any formal training. I had been engaged in the day-to-day activities of an art gallery in Lagos as a curatorial assistant and also became fascinated by street photography as a result of interactions with people in public spaces while capturing snapshots.

Rugball vividly captures the pulsating rhythms that define the essence of Lagos and finds its canvas on the sun-kissed beaches of the city, where the sands bear witness to a unique cultural tapestry. This innovative sport embodies the potent vitality and unmistakable essence of African masculinity, finding its home along the stretch of Lagos coastline, popularly known as Kuramo Beach. This locale, in itself, draws together shamanic devotees, curious visitors, nature enthusiasts, and a diverse array of souls. Through this sport, the beachfront is transformed into a stage where the spirit of Lagos unfurls in a vibrant frolic.