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This invention captures the energies and the strong invigorating musk of the African maleness. Rippling muscles, taut, stretched almost at bursting points and screaming, illuminate the sporting ideals of a city that is unafraid to create distinctively and indigenously yet within internationalist frames. Now there is something totally different about this new game, it comes with neither the clich?-ridden rules of football nor the unruly and confusing conventions of rugby.

RUGBALL is played on the Lagos beaches. The Lagos beaches boast of their peculiar culture and their people with their unique ways of life, distinct and faraway from life in real Lagos where confounding reality always ticks constantly like a Grandfather clock. The shamanic worshippers, the local tourist, the pristine nature enthusiast and a diverse collective of people all find a common bond on the beach.

The game encourages discipline, team spirit and good sportsmanship. Most importantly, it gives these youths something to look forward to, work hard at and participate in; it gives them a challenge to overcome and a cause to belong to. This takes them away from the streets and the mischief that is usually the consequence of having nothing to do. Their energies are therefore redirected to a better purpose than thuggery, touting and stealing.



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